Access Now The Largest Selection of Fine Spray Nozzles For Custom Disinfection and Sanitization Operations  

Hydraulic Fine Spray 

Requires medium to high pressure for optimal misting performance, and available in 316SS, SS, Brass and Plastic material.

  • Finely atomized, hollow cone spray without compressed air
  • Very small drops often achieving misting performance
  • Ideal for use in disinfection applications 
  • Eliminates the need for compressed air
  • Wall-mount options for installation on room walls, vessel bulkheads or pipeline  
  • Orifice inserts, cores and strainers are easily removed for inspection or cleaning  
  • Most models can be supplied with an internal strainer 
  • Spray angles: Standard – 43° to 94°, Wide – 112° to 120° 
  • Uniform spray distribution from 3.1 to 492 lph 
  • Operating pressures from 7 to 80 bar



Air Atomizing Spray 

Requires compressed air, and can operate in different setups (pressure-fed, siphonnating and gravity-fed). Nozzles are available 316SS, SS, Brass and Plastic material.

  • Liquid and compressed air enter the nozzle body and are mixed by the spray set-up to produce a finely atomized spray pattern
  • Spray set-ups, consisting of an air cap and a fluid cap, can mix the fluids either internally or externally
  • Ideal for use in disinfection applications 
  • Hundreds of spray set-ups are available to produce cone and flat spray patterns
  • A wide variety of nozzle bodies are available for convenient mounting and positioning   
  • Models available with clean-out needles, shut-off needles, swivels and strainers to optimize performance
  • Optional automatic version available