Ensure You Have Enough Sanitizer & Cleaner With On-site Generation


For many years we have been investing heavily in the R&D of a sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solution that can replace toxic, traditional chemicals. The result is Klarion™ , a system that utilizes electro-chemical activation (ECA) technology to enable you to produce a powerful, safe and sustainable cleaning and sanitizing solution, on demand, in your facility.


On-site generation is the creation of cleaning solutions through the use of ECA water technology in your plant instead of relying on off-site, conventional chemical manufacturers and distributors. The Klarion cleaner replaces concentrated chemical caustics. The Klarion sanitizer is as effective as twice the concentration of bleach. For example, 200 ppm of Klarion sanitizer does the work of 400 ppm of bleach. Both the cleaner and the sanitizer are residue-free. Traditional chemicals contain high levels of active ingredients to ensure effectiveness even when stored for long periods of time. Klarion solutions are produced on-site and on demand and are at full potency when used. As a result, micro-organisms can be effectively eliminated by the Klarion solutions containing lower levels of active chemicals. 

Simple precautions and planning can make a big difference. Action now will help protect your employees and your business. 

The Klarion Sanitizer as produced by the on-site system, is a hypochlorous acid solution that is equally effective in eliminating:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

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The system also produces the Klarion Cleaner, a sodium hydroxide based solution that is highly effective in breaking down:

  • Fats
  • Oils
  • Proteins

KlarionTM can play an important part in following the WHO’s recommendations to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in the workplace. A full overview of the efficacy tests of Klarion against various viruses (including human coronavirus) can be provided on request.