Easily Fumigate Disinfectant In Small-Medium Indoor Areas 



  • Versatility: The mist cart is the answer for critical applications requiring accurate dosing combined with a dry fog, ranging from clean rooms to food preparation areas. Whether used for disinfection or simply humidity control the Mobile Mist Cart is easy to handle and requires no installation. The Mobile Mist Cart is ready to use out of the box and does not require electrical connection. Just fill and pressurize the included tank and play. 

  • Effectiveness: Utilizes Spraying Systems' highly regarded MiniFogger delivering a remarkably dry fog with an volume mean diameter drop size less than 10 microns, ensuring all surrounding surfaces remain dry. The spray head sits on stop of an adjustable pole allowing a spray height adjustment between 1.1-2.6 m to accommodate different rooms.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with most sanitization and disinfection agents. it can accommodate many spray protocols and can be cleaned in between batches to accommodate changing the chemicals when required.


How It Works  

  • Utilizes compressed air for tank pressurization and atomization 
  • Liquid is sprayed via a siphon setup
  • Fog intensity can be regulated on the machine