Advanced Disinfection Gate: SafeGate  


As countless organizations throughout the region are slowly getting back to work it is essential that we continue to keep employees and customers safe. An important way to reach this goal is by providing personal disinfection solutions against COVID-19. The spread is prevented by disinfecting people as they enter and exit closed public spaces (bus terminals, hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, train stations, …)

SafeGate is a modular doorway fitted with misting spray nozzles allowing users to quickly and completely sanitize and disinfect upon entering and before leaving a building. Our HP FogJet nozzles lightly mist users as they walk through the SafeGate portal.

  • Safety

The gate is fitted with our patent pending HP FogJet nozzle capable of rendering a very fine low flow mist at lower pressures. Moreover, nozzles are equipped with Dual filters– HDPE 85 micron replaceable filter and 200 mesh integrated filter – for reduced maintenance and longer life. We also outfit every SafeGate with a liquid-absorbent mat for each user’s personal safety.  

  • Compact and Simple Installation

 Not only are the components built into the gate's frame, SafeGate requires only electrcity for startup, and is constructed using T-slot aluminum sections for easy assembly and flexible arrangements.

  • Customizable Branding

Our frame can be modified to include your institution's logo, slogan or other advertising elements to leverage your unique brand and message.