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Whether you need to keep dust from becoming airborne or suppress particles that are already airborne, applying water and/or chemicals to dust is usually the most efficient and cost-effective solution. It is important to work with a supplier that has special expertise in drop size and evaporation – and we're uniquely qualified to be that supplier. Not only will we assist with nozzle selection, we'll work with you to establish a maintenance and inspection program to ensure proper performance and minimize risk.


Dust Control System

The dust abatement system is an effective turnkey system for, but not limited to, crushers, stockpiles, and other mining area where dust control is required using Wet Spray Technology.

System Components

  • Selected multistage vertical centrifugal pump
  • Air relief and drain plug included in pump
  • Inlet ballvalve, strainer and pressure gauge
  • Outlet ball valve, check valve, pressure transmitter and switch with digital indicator
  • Bypass return to tank by control valve with pressure PID loop
  • Dry run protection and motor thermal protection
  • Control panel with presssure PID controller and current thermal overload protection
  • Comissioning ball valve lockable for back pressure and cavitation prevention

The pumping skid supplies to a custom made network of hydraulic nozzles, dispersed around target dust areas such as : Hoppers, Crushers, Conveyors, Screens and Stockpiles.












Odor Control System

The same pumping skid  as the dust abatement system. The upgrade is the dosing device where the chemical would be aded to neutralize or mask the foul odor in the area. Nozzles are distributed around the foul odor source to mist and evaporate the chemical leaving the compound to react with foul odor gases.

Dust and Odor Control Spray Cannon :CANNONJET®

The spray cannon is a powerful mobile system that renders a robut mist capble of capturing dust particles and/or neutralizing foul odors. CannonJet®  is suitable for outdoor applications, it can generate a water jet with a throw up to 80 meters. The system moves vertically and oscillates horizontally, capable of providing a large impact circular area, with easy operation via a remote control. CannonJet includes a standard attached fluid delivery system.