Automated Spray Technology Ensures Even, Uniform Coating


AccuCoat® Temperature Controlled Spray Systems eliminate the problems associated with the manual application of viscous coatings and with enrobing. The automated systems provide precise temperature control, eliminate overspray and ensure accurate coating placement, minimizing waste and maintenance downtime.  


  • Precise temperature control – no more waste caused by coatings that are too hot or cold
  • Coatings are accurately applied with minimal excess or misting
  • Systems can automatically adjust for line speed changes to ensure product quality
  • Range of AccuCoat Systems available
    • Benchtop systems for R&D
    • In-line heated systems for light oils and light syrup
    • Fully-jacketed heated systems for butter, chocolate and heavy syrup


AccuCoat® Panning Systems provide flexible performance and control for candy and confectionery panning operations. The standalone AccuCoat Panning System provides a mobile solution ideal for smaller batches and R&D labs. The system features closed-loop temperature control and automated control of spray timing and flow rate. Components include an AutoJet® spray controller, double-jacketed pressure tank and a flexible jacketed hose for easy positioning of the integrated spray head inside the drum. Two spray nozzles for two pans can be accommodated.


  • 50% reduction in coating waste typical
  • Batch times are cut in half compared to manual ladling systems
  • Fully jacketed system maintains optimal coating temperature and coating uniformity
  • Decreases adhesion for light products such as coffee beans
  • Heated Spray System can be equipped with one or two nozzles or expanded to a fully-centralized pan coating system
  • Provides precise application of a wide variety of coatings, including chocolates, glazes, oils and slurries