Environmental Sustainability

A comprehensive ISO 14000 Environmental Management System is integrated into our business practices to minimize the environmental impact of the company and ensure regulatory compliance in our facilities. Internal and third party auditing of ISO 14000 criteria gives our customers and the public confidence that we are committed to protecting the environment.

Additionally, Spraying Systems Co. supports the advancement of the circular economy - materials constantly being recirculated in the manufacturing process without loss of quality - not only in our own processes, but in our customers’ as well. By efficiently using resources in the manufacturing process and recycling salvageable materials post-manufacturing, materials and components are kept at their highest utility and value at all times.  Here are some of our internal achievements:

Energy Management 

  • Lighting upgrades to energy efficient LED fixtures – 70% energy reduction
  • HVAC improvements – 30% more efficient than previous equipment 
  • Compressed air system strategies – 24% energy reduction

 Waste Generation & Recycling 

  • Recycling of metal tunings - 100% recycled
  • Recycling of manufacturing fluids – 80% recycled
  • Solid waste recycling program - 62% diversion rate from landfill

Case studies in the right-hand column show how we've helped customers improve their sustainability efforts. 

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